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The Iowa Fifth Judicial District is a judicial district in the U.S. state of Iowa. The district is headquartered in Des Moines, the state capital. The district comprises the following counties: Adair, Adams, Boone, Dallas, Guthrie, Greene, Hamilton, Hardin, Jasper, Madison, Marion, Polk, and Warren.

The current judges of the Iowa Fifth Judicial District are:

The Iowa Fifth Judicial District was created on January 15, 1851. The first court session was held on February 2, 1851, in the home of David Rorer in the town of Dallas (now Van Meter). The first courthouse was built in Dallas in 1853. The current courthouse in Des Moines was completed in 1902.

What are the judicial districts in Iowa?

There are nine judicial districts in the state of Iowa. The districts are:

1st Judicial District: Includes Black Hawk, Bremer, Butler, Chickasaw, and Franklin counties.

2nd Judicial District: Includes Boone, Dallas, Greene, Hamilton, and Webster counties.

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3rd Judicial District: Includes Appanoose, Davis, Decatur, Lucas, and Wayne counties.

4th Judicial District: Includes Adair, Audubon, Cass, Carroll, Crawford, and Guthrie counties.

5th Judicial District: Includes Calhoun, Ida, Sac, and Shelby counties.

6th Judicial District: Includes Clay, Dickinson, Howard, and Winneshiek counties.

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7th Judicial District: Includes Buena Vista, Cherokee, Clay, Dickinson, Osceola, and Palo Alto counties.

8th Judicial District: Includes Bremer, Floyd, Mitchell, and Winneshiek counties.

9th Judicial District: Includes Black Hawk, Bremer, Butler, Chickasaw, and Franklin counties.

How many judicial districts are in Iowa?

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Iowa has 99 judicial districts.

What is the Fourth Judicial district in Iowa?

The Fourth Judicial District of Iowa is made up of six counties: Boone, Dallas, Greene, Guthrie, Hamilton, and Wright. It is headquartered in Boone, Iowa. The district was created on January 15, 1851, and originally consisted of the counties of Boone, Dallas, Greene, Hamilton, and Wright. Guthrie County was added to the district on January 15, 1872.

How do I pay my probation fees in Iowa?

If you are on probation in Iowa, you will likely have to pay probation fees. These fees help to cover the costs of your probation supervision. In most cases, you will have to pay your fees directly to the probation officer who is supervising you.

There are a few ways that you can pay your probation fees. One option is to pay in cash. You can also pay with a check or money order. Some probation departments also allow you to pay your fees online.

If you are having trouble paying your fees, you should talk to your probation officer. You may be able to get a payment plan or arrange for a reduced fee. You should also keep in mind that you could be sent to jail if you do not pay your probation fees.

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If you have any other questions about paying your probation fees, please contact your probation department.

How many district court judges are there in Iowa?

There are currently ninety-one district court judges in Iowa. These judges are elected to six-year terms by the citizens of their respective districts. They are responsible for hearing a wide variety of civil and criminal cases. 

The first district court was created in Iowa in 1838. It was a single judge court. In 1858, the Iowa General Assembly created six additional district courts. These courts served as the trial courts of general jurisdiction in Iowa. In 1865, the Iowa General Assembly divided the state into nine judicial districts. This resulted in the creation of an additional twelve district courts. 

In 1973, the Iowa General Assembly passed legislation eliminating the district court system and creating a system of courts of general jurisdiction. This legislation resulted in the creation of the current ninety-one district court judges in Iowa.

Where is the First Judicial district in Iowa?

The First Judicial District of Iowa is located in the northwestern corner of the state. The district is made up of four counties: Buena Vista, Calhoun, Cherokee, and Ida. The district court is the trial court of general jurisdiction in Iowa. The court has original jurisdiction in all civil and criminal cases, and appellate jurisdiction over all cases appealed from the district courts in Iowa. The district court also has exclusive jurisdiction over probate and guardianship cases, and concurrent jurisdiction with the county courts in juvenile cases.

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How many courthouses are in Iowa?

Iowa has 99 courthouses spread across the state. The Iowa Judicial Branch website has a courthouse locator that can help you find the courthouse nearest to you.

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