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The Fifth Judicial Circuit is made up of judges from Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton, and Bay Counties in Florida. The circuit covers the Emerald Coast region of the state.

The Fifth Judicial Circuit has a total of seven judges, four from Escambia County, two from Santa Rosa County, and one from Okaloosa County.

The Fifth Judicial Circuit is responsible for a wide range of cases, including family law, juvenile law, criminal law, and probate law.

The judges of the Fifth Judicial Circuit are:

Judge Scott Duncan (Escambia County)

Judge John F. Schaefer (Escambia County)

Judge Joy Page (Escambia County)

Judge William A. Stone (Santa Rosa County)

Judge Daniel L. Miller (Santa Rosa County)

Judge James R. Anderson (Okaloosa County)

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Judge Maurice A. Paul (Walton County)

Judge Kenneth G. Lester, Jr. (Bay County)

Who are the judges in Hernando County?

There are a number of different judges who preside over different courts in Hernando County. The judges who preside over the Circuit Court are the Honorable John L. Futch, the Honorable Daniel B. Merritt, Jr., and the Honorable William Bruce Swain. The Honorable W. Douglas Baird presides over the County Court, and the Honorable Lynn E. Tepper presides over the Probate Court.

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The Circuit Court is the highest court in Hernando County, and is responsible for hearing appeals from decisions made by the County Court and the Probate Court. The Circuit Court is also responsible for hearing criminal cases, civil cases, and family law cases.

The County Court is the lowest court in Hernando County, and is responsible for hearing cases that involve misdemeanors, hearings to determine the mental competency of a person, and hearings to determine the guardianship of a person.

The Probate Court is responsible for handling estate planning and probate proceedings, as well as guardianship and conservatorship proceedings.

Which justice is over the 5th Circuit?

Which justice is over the 5th Circuit?

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals is a federal court with jurisdiction over Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. The court is based in New Orleans, Louisiana, and has 11 active judges.

The current Chief Judge of the Fifth Circuit is Carl Stewart. The most senior judge on the court is Edith Jones, who was appointed by Ronald Reagan in 1985.

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The Fifth Circuit is unusual in that it has three seats that are currently vacant. President Donald Trump has not yet nominated anyone to fill those seats.

The most recent appointment to the Fifth Circuit was made by President Barack Obama in 2014. That appointee, James Graves, took office in 2015.

Who are the circuit judges in Florida?

Circuit judges are the highest level of trial judges in Florida. They preside over felony criminal trials, family law matters, and civil trials. There are twenty-eight circuit judges in Florida.

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Each circuit judge is elected to a six-year term. They must be a qualified elector of the circuit, be a member of the Florida Bar, and have been a practicing lawyer for five years.

Circuit judges are responsible for all aspects of a trial, from setting a trial date to issuing a verdict. They may also appoint a pro tempore judge to hear a case if they are unavailable.

If you have a legal matter that needs to be resolved in court, you may want to speak with a circuit judge.

How many circuit judges are in Florida?

There are 20 circuit judges in Florida.

Circuit judges are full-time, elected judges who preside over civil and criminal trials in Florida’s 20 judicial circuits. Each circuit includes one or more counties.

The Florida Constitution establishes the number of circuit judges in each circuit, and the Florida Legislature sets their pay. Circuit judges must reside in the circuit they serve, but may also serve in other circuits by assignment.

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A circuit judge is elected to a six-year term and may serve up to two consecutive terms. To be re-elected, a circuit judge must receive a majority of the votes cast. If no candidate receives a majority of the votes, the two candidates with the most votes compete in a runoff election.

The Florida Constitution also establishes the qualifications for circuit judges. A circuit judge must be a citizen of the United States and a resident of Florida for at least two years. The judge must also be a member of the Florida Bar and must have practiced law in Florida for at least five years.

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What judicial circuit is Hernando County Florida?

Hernando County is located in the Sixth Judicial Circuit of Florida. The Sixth Judicial Circuit is made up of Citrus, Hernando, Lake, Marion, and Sumter Counties.

Who is the justice court judge in Desoto County?

The justice court judge in Desoto County is the Honourable Judge David Strong. Judge Strong was appointed to the bench in 2007, and he has more than two decades of experience as a practicing attorney. Judge Strong is a graduate of the University of Mississippi School of Law.

How much do federal judges make?

Federal judges make a yearly salary of $212,000, with the opportunity for annual pay increases. They also receive a number of benefits, including a pension and health insurance.

The salary for federal judges is set by Congress. It is increased each year based on the rate of inflation. In addition, federal judges receive a number of benefits, including a pension and health insurance.

The pension for federal judges is based on their length of service and final salary. Judges who retire after 25 years of service receive a pension equal to their final salary multiplied by 1.7. Judges who retire after 30 years of service receive a pension equal to their final salary multiplied by 2.0.

Federal judges also receive health insurance through the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. This program offers a variety of health plans, with premiums that are paid by the employee.

Overall, federal judges receive a very good salary and a number of valuable benefits. This makes the job very desirable, and helps to attract qualified candidates.

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