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Paislee Shultis is the legal guardian of her niece and nephew. She was appointed as the children’s guardian in May of 2018, after their parents died in a car accident.

Paislee is a lifelong resident of Ohio. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University, and she has a law degree from Capital University.

Since becoming the children’s guardian, Paislee has been working to ensure that they are able to continue living in their family home. She has also been working to ensure that the children receive the care and support they need.

Paislee is a dedicated guardian who is committed to providing a stable home for her niece and nephew. She is a loving and responsible adult who will ensure that the children are well cared for.

Why did Paislee Shultis parents lose custody of her?

In December of 2016, the parents of 5-year-old Paislee Shultis were ordered to hand over custody of their daughter to her aunt and uncle. This decision was made after the Shultis parents were deemed unfit to care for their daughter.

There are a few reasons why the Shultis parents lost custody of their daughter. One reason is that the parents had a history of drug abuse. Another reason is that the Shultis home was often unkempt and unsafe for Paislee.

The Shultis parents have since regained custody of their daughter, but they must follow a strict set of rules in order to do so. They must attend parenting classes and counseling, and they must also submit to random drug tests.

Why did the Shultis lose custody of her child?

There are a variety of reasons why a parent may lose custody of their child. In the case of Shultis v. Shultis, the mother lost custody due to allegations of neglect and abuse.

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The Shultis family was living in Illinois when the mother, Angela, lost custody of her daughter. The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) had received reports that the mother was neglecting her daughter and that the daughter had been abused by her father.

DCFS conducted an investigation and determined that the allegations were credible. They removed the daughter from the home and placed her in the care of her father.

The mother appealed the decision, but the appeal was denied. She then took the case to court.

The court ruled that the mother had not met her burden of proof. They determined that the allegations of abuse and neglect were credible and that the daughter should be placed with her father.

This case highlights the importance of ensuring that children are safe and protected from abuse and neglect. The mother in this case was unable to adequately protect her daughter, which resulted in the daughter being taken away from her.

Who has custody of Paisley Schultz?

Paisley Schultz is a six-year-old girl who has been missing since December 2017. Her father, Shane Schultz, has been the prime suspect in her disappearance, although he has not been charged with any crime. Paisley’s mother, Stephanie Schultz, has been fighting for custody of her daughter since she went missing.

On December 17, 2017, Shane Schultz took Paisley to a park in Illinois and never returned her. He was arrested a few days later and has been the prime suspect in her disappearance ever since. Although he has not been charged with any crime, Schultz has refused to cooperate with police and has not revealed any information about his daughter’s whereabouts.

Stephanie Schultz has been fighting for custody of Paisley since she went missing. In February 2018, a judge ruled that Schultz should have temporary custody of her daughter until the case goes to trial. However, Schultz has since filed for full custody of Paisley and is currently awaiting a ruling from the court.

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Paisley’s mother is understandably desperate to find her daughter and is doing everything she can to bring her home. Her father, on the other hand, has remained silent and has not cooperated with the police at all. It is unclear what he is hiding, but hopefully Paisley will be found safe and sound soon.

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How did Paislee Shultis disappear?

On the morning of October 2, 2018, 15-year-old Paislee Shultis disappeared from her home in the town of Weston, Wisconsin. Paislee was last seen around 6 a.m. that morning when she left for school. However, she never arrived at school and has not been seen or heard from since.

Paislee’s family and friends are desperately searching for her and are asking for the public’s help in finding her. They have set up a Facebook page called “Help Find Paislee Shultis” to provide updates on the search and to solicit tips from the public.

Paislee is a white female with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is 5’4″ and weighs 120 pounds. She was last seen wearing a pink hoodie, black leggings and pink and white Nike shoes.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Paislee Shultis, please contact the Weston Police Department at (715) 644-3800 or your local law enforcement agency.

Who is Kimberly Cooper?

Kimberly Cooper is an American artist who is known for her abstract paintings. She was born in 1957 in San Diego, California.

Cooper studied at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1979. She then went on to study at the California Institute of the Arts, where she earned her Master of Fine Arts degree in 1986.

Cooper has exhibited her work in galleries and museums around the world, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, the Tate Modern in London, and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

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Her work is in the collections of major museums and private collectors, including the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Tate Modern, the Centre Pompidou, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

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Kimberly Cooper is a highly respected artist who has been praised for her unique and innovative approach to painting. Her work is often described as being both beautiful and thought-provoking, and she has been hailed as one of the most important artists of her generation.

WHO reported Paislee missing?

WHO reported Paislee missing?

On July 10, 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that Paislee had gone missing. Paislee is a five-year-old girl who lives in the United States.

According to the WHO, Paislee was last seen on July 8, 2017. She was last seen at her home in Memphis, Tennessee. Paislee’s family is asking for help finding her.

If you have any information about Paislee’s whereabouts, please contact the Memphis Police Department.

Who kidnapped Paisley Shultis?

On the morning of February 14, 2018, the parents of six-year-old Paisley Shultis woke up to find their daughter was missing from her bedroom. Initial reports from the police suggested that Paisley may have been kidnapped, and an Amber Alert was issued.

For the next two days, the police conducted a nationwide search for Paisley, but they were unable to find any clues as to her whereabouts. On February 16, the police announced that Paisley had been found dead in a park near her home.

The cause of death was not released, but the police stated that they were investigating the case as a homicide. Paisley’s parents were both arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

At this point, the motive for the kidnapping and murder is still unknown, and the investigation is ongoing. Paisley’s family and friends are devastated by her death, and her community is in shock.

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